Cranberries health benefits

Cranberries health benefits

Cranberries health benefits

Cranberry is a North American fruit that is a commercial plant which covers some part of land in the United States and Canada and its fruits are used in various products.

Cranberries are very rich in nutrients and antioxidants and have many health benefits.

Cranberries are usually called superfoods because of their unique health benefits.

(superfoods are foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients).

They have a great impact on health.

Dried cranberries

Since 90% of fresh cranberries are made up of water and the remaining 10% are made up of carbohydrates and dietary fiber,

Dried cranberries have more benefits than fresh ones, because they contain almost all the carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Cranberry dietary fiber includes “sucrose“, “glucose” and “fructose“(mainly simple sugars).

When fruits are dried, their water evaporates, so the size of the fruit reduced and the nutrients left in it become more concentrated.

Due to the high acidity of cranberries in the drying process, some sugar is usually added to it, which creates a smooth taste in this product.

You can use dried cranberries to make smoothies, chic, flavored yogurt, salads, desserts, ice cream, jellies, etc.

You can buy dried cranberries from grocery stores, but Nutly can be the best option by focusing on healthy and high-quality products.

Some Dried cranberries benefits

  • The minerals in cranberries are good for the skin and muscles of the human body.
  • Magnesium strengthens the body’s growth system and regulates antioxidants in the human body.
  • Vitamin E in cranberries is involved in the development of antioxidant properties.
  • Vitamin K1 in cranberries strengthens the blood coagulation capacity in the human body.
  • Vitamin C is a good source of antioxidants and cancer prevention.
  • The high fiber in cranberries reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity and some digestive problems.

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