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Breeze Island

From: $4.50
Ingredient: Papaya, Pineapple, Green Raisin, Cashew nuts roasted none salted, Pistachio kernel , Almond kernel, Banana Chips, Coconut chips  
Gluten free non gmo  

Choco berry mix

From: $6.99
Choco berry mix Nutly’s new Choco Berry Mix is a delectable blend of rich dark chocolate and a medley of

Crunchy Mix

From: $3.50

Nutly Crunchy Mix is a delightful assortment of savory snacks, combines a variety of crunchy favorites, including Corn Ketchup, Rice Cracker, Green peas(Salted, Sriracha, Original), Corn Chips With Flax Seeds, Salted Sesame Stick and Hot Peanut Kri Kri.

The inclusion of Corn Chips with Flax Seeds and Salted Sesame Sticks adds a satisfying crunch to every bite. Ideal for snacking.

Deluxe Mix

From: $5.50
Deluxe Mix Nutly Deluxe Mix includes dry roasted hazelnuts, jumbo dry roasted cashews, and salted roasted jumbo almonds. For a

Fusion Berry

From: $4.50
Ingredient: peanuts, pumpkin seed, Golden Raisin, Cranberry, sunflower seeds , cashew nuts roasted none salted, Blueberry  
Gluten free non gmo  

Harvest trail mix

From: $4.50
Ingredient: Almond RNS, Cranberry, Pumpkin seeds, Chocolate, Peanut, Pistachio Kernel, Current raisin  
Gluten free non gmo  

Natural Mix

From: $4.99
Natural Mix Our natural mixed nuts are whole natural mix without added salt, sugar, oil or fat. Natural mix including

Salty Mix

From: $4.99
Salty Mix Enjoy our Salty Mix, a tasty combo of salted whole nuts. It includes cashews, crunchy peanut krikri, and