What does organic mean?

What does organic mean?

What is organic?

Organic means that fruits, nuts, seeds or other ingredients are produced in a separate environment without the intervention of any chemicals or artificial methods (such as genetic manipulation) and without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

People sometimes think that dried fruits or organic nuts cannot be considered organic if they have something other than them, that is completely wrong.

Dried fruits or nuts that are processed in an organic certification center using other organic ingredients are still considered organic.

Nutly organic certification

Sometimes people mistakenly call a natural product as an organic just because they are natural products and may not contain additives or preservatives, but that does not mean they are organic.

They can all be natural, but contain products that are not produced organically.

It will be possible to obtain organic certification after strict and accurate inspections and supervision, which Nutly has obtained with effort for its customers of organic products.

Advantages of using organic Nuts& Dried Fruits

  • No Chemicals

Since farmers do not use chemicals, fertilizers or preservatives in their production methods. So, consuming these products will protect you from the damage of pesticides.

  • Environment Lover

Organic products are more suitable for the environment, less polluting and maintain water and soil quality

  • Higher Nutritional Value

They are rich in minerals and nutrients. Organic farming increases the strength and fertility of the soil and provides more nutrients to your body

  • Better Taste

Better conditions on organic farms make the taste of the products significantly better

  • More Antioxidants

Since synthetic pesticides are not used in the production of organic products, the antioxidants in these products are higher than inorganic products

Nutly Organic Dates
Nutly Organic Dates

At Nutly, in addition to conventional products, we attach great importance to preparing a healthy organic dried fruit , nuts and seeds

Our facility is currently certified organic by KIWA BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH. We meet all USDA standards for handling, packaging and sales of certified organic dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

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