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Why you should add Mazafati date to your diet

Why you should add Mazafati date to your diet

Why you should add Mazafati date to your diet

One of the lesser known types of date palms is the dark, sweet and soft cultivar of the fruit called, Mazafati date also known as “Rotab”. They are a product of Iranian dates and grow mostly in southern regions of the country. It is estimated that 120,000 tons of Mazafati dates are harvested annually. They fully ripen from August to October. The main difference between Mazafati and medjool dates is in their colour and size. They look juicier and softer with a dark brown skin covering them making the fruits higher in humidity than its counterparts. Even though these dates are high in different nutrients and can be considered a healthy snack in and out of themselves, combining them with a glass of milk will give you more energy and help rapidly increase your stamina since both have Balya (tonic) properties. Mazafati dates in general, are high in various nutrients and contain many different types of vitamins and minerals. Here we will provide definitive reasons as to why you should add Mazafati dates into your daily diet.

Mazafati Dates composition

The nutritional value of Mazafati dates is impressive. In fact, consuming them will provide you with key nutrients such as iron, natural sugar, calcium, magnesium, various vitamins (A, B and C) as well as potassium which can help in treating some of the common health problems related to our digestive system. These dates can also be great healthy snacks, as they are rich in fiber and protein while containing minimal amounts of fat. Mazafati date seeds contain between  7.7% to 9.7% oil, 7.17% to 9% moisture, 1.83% to 5.3% protein, 6.8% to 9.32% fat, 65.5% carbohydrates, 6.4% to 13.6% fiber and 0.89-1.57% ash. The fatty acids contained in the oil are 8% lauric, 4% myristic, 25% palmitic, 10% stearic, 45% oleic and 10% linoleic.

Why you should add Mazafati date to your diet

Mazafati Dates benefits

Regular consumption of Mazafati dates helps boost energy levels, reinforce nerves, take care of anaemia, enhance memory and awareness. It can also help with the improvement of skin conditions, digestive problems and heart health. Some researchers claim that using dates alongside dairy products can be very beneficial to battle fatigue or strenuous activity. Dates also contain fiber, which is effective in burning extra fat and providing the body with proteins. Recent studies have also shown that dates can be helpful in relieving violence and causing peace of mind.

How to buy, store and consume Mazafati dates?

To buy Mazafati dates, you need to pay attention to the quality of the date and the brand of the provider. By keeping it in cool, dry, clean and well-ventilated spaces, you can preserve these fruits for longer periods of time. Storage temperature is between 0-4 degrees Celsius, with a humidity below 50%. That being said, Mazafati dates are suited for fresh consumption and are most commonly used for snacking during the day.


Mazafati dates are viewed as superfoods (meaning food that is rich in different compounds). Considering how nutrient-dense, easy to access and compatible for different environments this fruit really is, it would be silly to exclude it from your dietary plan. In Iran it is a famous saying that three dates and one glass of milk will provide you with the necessary energy for the day.

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