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These days mixing delicious nuts with seeds and dried fruits as a delicious snack has found its place in the diets of many people of all ages and for those who are hungry during the day, it’s the best way to keep their meal time.

Definitely high quality and delicious mixes that contain healthy fats and proteins will help you to keep

full and make your day more energetic.

Just try Nutly Snacks & Mixes once, then you will become more familiar with our unique mixes and forget about others.

Our mixes with attractive and re-sealable packaging can easily be with you everywhere

At work, in the car, in the class, at a picnic and home

You can add our mixes in your smoothie and cake or salad

With our smart and non-salty snacks, we help not only you but also athletes to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Breeze Island

From: $4.50
Ingredient: Papaya, Pineapple, Green Raisin, Cashew nuts roasted none salted, Pistachio kernel , Almond kernel, Banana Chips, Coconut chips  
Gluten free non gmo  

Cheese Sauce Flavored Corn

From: $2.99
Cheese sauce-flavored corn is savory and nutty corn which is seasoned with Cheese sauce flavors. This mix is ideal for snacking.

Choco berry mix

From: $6.99
Choco berry mix Nutly’s new Choco Berry Mix is a delectable blend of rich dark chocolate and a medley of

Corn BBQ

From: $3.99

Product & Description:

Nutly BBQ Corn Nuts are very tasty and full of flavor, you will be addicted! They are crunchy and light with BBQ flavors which can be pair with a cold drink These BBQ toasted corn can be a great snack at your workplace, just keep a pack near your desk to stay away from the annoying desires of your day. Our BBQ toasted corn is rich in fiber with delicious taste Ingredients: Corn, Palm Oil, Barbecue Flavoring  
Gluten free non gmo    

Corn Chips with Flax Seeds

From: $3.99
Corn Chips with Flax Seeds Our mini toasted corn chips with flax seed are flat, cracker-like wafers made from masa

Corn Roasted Salted (American)

From: $3.99
Corn Roasted Salted (American) our salted and roasted Corn nuts are savory and nutty kernels. They are great for snacking.

Crunchy Mix

From: $3.50

Nutly Crunchy Mix is a delightful assortment of savory snacks, combines a variety of crunchy favorites, including Corn Ketchup, Rice Cracker, Green peas(Salted, Sriracha, Original), Corn Chips With Flax Seeds, Salted Sesame Stick and Hot Peanut Kri Kri.

The inclusion of Corn Chips with Flax Seeds and Salted Sesame Sticks adds a satisfying crunch to every bite. Ideal for snacking.

Deluxe Mix

From: $5.50
Deluxe Mix Nutly Deluxe Mix includes dry roasted hazelnuts, jumbo dry roasted cashews, and salted roasted jumbo almonds. For a

Fusion Berry

From: $4.50
Ingredient: peanuts, pumpkin seed, Golden Raisin, Cranberry, sunflower seeds , cashew nuts roasted none salted, Blueberry  
Gluten free non gmo  

Harvest trail mix

From: $4.50
Ingredient: Almond RNS, Cranberry, Pumpkin seeds, Chocolate, Peanut, Pistachio Kernel, Current raisin  
Gluten free non gmo  

Hot Sauce Flavored Corn

From: $2.99
Hot sauce-flavored corn is savory and nutty corn seasoned with hot sauce flavors. This mix is ideal for snacking.

Ketchup Sauce Flavored Corn

From: $2.99
Ketchup sauce flavored corn is a savory and nutty corn seasoned with Ketchup sauce flavors. This mix is ideal for snacking.